• ORIE Young Researcher Cornell University, 2023

  • SDSS Student & Early Career Award ASA, 2023

  • Harper Dissertation Fellowship UChicago, 2020
    (one of the highest honors at UChicago in recognition of Ph.D. candidates’ record of achievement and professional promise.)

  • Bao-Steel Scholarship Nanjing University, 2016
    (one of the highest national honors given to undergraduate students for academic performance.)

  • Outstanding Graduate Nanjing University, 2016

  • Exchange Program Scholarship UC Davis, 2015

  • Electronics Technology Scholarship Nanjing University, 2014

  • Aolei Scholarship Nanjing University, 2013


  1. INFORMS Annual Meeting Phoenix, Oct. 2023
  2. Cornell ORIE Young Researchers Workshop Ithaca, Oct. 2023
  3. SIAM Conference on Optimization Seattle, May 2023
  4. Symposium on Data Science & Statistics (referred) St. Louis, May 2023
  5. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Virtual, Dec. 2021
  6. International Conference on Machine Learning Virtual, July 2020
  7. Summer Student Mini-Symposium, Argonne Lemont, Sept. 2018-2020

Research Experience

Research Assistant Argonne, MCS Division

  • Givens Associate Summer 2018, 2019
    Project: sensitivity analysis of long-horizon nonlinear dynamic programming and its application on electrical transmission planning; convergence analysis of online, fast model predictive control with implementation in Julia/JuMP

  • WJ Cody AssociateSummer 2020
    Project: convergence analysis of temporal decomposition procedure on nonlinear dynamic programming and its implementation